Transitioning Managed Service Providers

To Total Service Providers


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Member Benefits

  • Monthly "Transformation Calls" with a dedicated group of peers
  • Access to financial benchmarking - "SmartMetrics"
  • Learn the sales secrets taught to the largest SaaS companies via JBarrows Sales Training
  • Training certification programs for an unlimited number of employees
  • State of the art communication platform to engage with peers and advisors

Become MSP 101 Certified

Learn what an MSP is, an overview of the industry, the impact of the cloud and much, much more.


How We Do It

There are several traditional "peer groups" that provide services to MSPs. So what makes CCAG different?

  • Professional coaching

    Every month in a group forum review important metrics and learn how to transform your business in an evolving marketplace.

  • Business model of the future

    The MSP industry is going through transition - Clarity focuses on helping service providers develop a comprehensive cloud strategy.

  • New sales methodologies

    Learn from the sales training guru who works with companies like, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Box and Dropbox - it's time you up your sales game!

  • Constant communication

    Freely communicate with your own dedicated group of service providers or with the entire community via our industry leading portal.

  • Benchmark your business

    Aggregated financial data from service providers across the globe, quickly and easily see how you rank and where improvements can be made.

  • Online training & certifications

    Push your MSP forward with access to online training/certification programs, like vCIO training, MSP 101, Customer Service Training for Techs and more.

  • Less travel and expense

    All of our groups are virtual, saving you time and money, we only have one in-person meeting per year.

  • Limited sponsor participation

    Yes, we have sponsors who subsidize your participation fees, but their presence is limited. Our sponsors all have one thing in common, they want the service provider community to be successful.

About Our Team

The Clarity Channel Advisory Group (CCAG) collaborates with service providers to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy and enhance their business via fresh ideas that increase recurring revenues. For MSP's to survive and prosper in the years to come, they must evolve their business to accommodate SMBs who are moving to web-based applications and eliminating the need for on-premise servers. We educate our members about the cloud marketplace and give them a clear path to growth, profitability, scalability, and higher valuation.


Requirements & Fees

$205per month*

*Members who pay the full year in advance will receive a 10% discount.
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